Problems We Help Solve With Our Team Builders

  • Your recent hires may not be fitting in with the old guard.
  • Your technical staff and marketing team could be butting heads.
  • Millennials and baby boomers could be clashing.
  • Cross-departmental conflict may be keeping you awake at night.
  • Our team building programs encourage sales staff to reach out to one another more and work as a team rather than be solo superstars.
  • We help your team work together better so you have a happy, productive workplace that everyone enjoys.

What Else Do We Offer?

  • Community Service – We can help you plan team building community service activities that give employees meaning and purpose. This increases their loyalty and improves your company’s retention rates.
  • Fun! – Perhaps you just need a lively break from daily pressures. Or a reward for your hard-working team because they met delivery deadlines or sales quotas. Play That Uke Team Building is the answer.

How We Work With Our Clients

  • Team Building Workshops (one hour, two hours or three hours in duration). We offer unique, creative events such as Ukulele Rock Star and The Art of the Singing Telegram.
  • Workshop packages. If the situation warrants, we offer two workshops or three workshops as effective longer-term programs for your employees or your leaders.
  • 30-minute to 45-minute icebreakers for meetings, retreats and conferences.

We come to your location and provide ukuleles, theatrical costumes, props — all the required equipment to make your team building event effective and enjoyable.

Contact us for a complimentary 20-minute strategy session.  Call Mardi Wareham at (512) 297-9251 or email

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