Team Building Results

“Mardi, thank you for coming to our event. You were a huge hit — everyone loved it.”
Andy Sernovitz
CEO, GasPedal


You were so easy to work with. You truly went above and beyond — tuning the ukuleles, bringing Hawaiian shirts, consulting us about song selection. You really thought about the entire experience.”
Jill Kilgore and the GasPedal Team


“I have more trust in my teammates and decreased fear of failure.”
Sam Wettling
Senior Business Development Manager, Network


“We learned to respect and embrace our differences. It was relaxed, fun and care-free. We got to laugh at ourselves and enjoy the company of our colleagues.”
James Rinn
Maxwell Locke & Ritter LLP


“It was colorful, inspirational, uplifting. We had fun together and learned each person’s strengths and how to utilize them better. The event helped us get to know each other a little bit better.”
Christina Steuerwald
HR Manager
Maxwell Locke & Ritter LLP


“If you want your team to really get to know each other and learn how to cooperate — you may be around them every day but you never get a chance to really bond — bring Mardi in and let her do her thing because it really does a great job of bringing people together.”
Chase Kincannon
Vice President
Mass Mutual Financial Group Southwest


“Everyone on our team had a great time during Mardi’s workshop! It was such a unique and relaxing experience to have the whole company singing and playing music together. She was very easy to work with in the planning stage and delivered above and beyond what we expected.”
Elly Besser
Executive Assistant to the CEO


“Mardi brought great energy to the ukulele workshop! She made it really easy and fun. Even though I’m not musically inclined, I felt like she went at the right pace and I was able to pick it up like everyone else. I had a great time and I loved that the whole workshop was themed – with Hawaiian shirts and leis. It put everyone in the ukulele spirit.”
Sarah Franklin
DoTERRA International


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