Why Choose Us

We include specific exercises to help your team communicate and collaborate better, be more innovative and play nicely with others. We facilitate group discussion to help participants discover how to apply what they learn in the workshops to their daily work.

Our workshops are more structured than a team happy hour and less structured than a day of Myers Briggs or other personality assessments tests. We offer the best of both – fun and lively activities that help employees work better together.

We provide a one-hour consultation with managers to pinpoint specific concerns and we plan customized exercises to address those concerns. We suggest tools to measure engagement levels before and after our workshops. We make a site visit to make sure the setting, acoustics and furniture are adequate for our needs. Post workshop, we meet in person to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and to discuss follow-up options.

We are passionate about helping you to engage your employees, and committed to helping you succeed. Our motivation – we just want everyone to be happy at work.