Transcript of video

 Play That Uke Team Building video


Mardi Wareham (to class participants): Welcome to the ukulele workshop. I am delighted that you are all here. And you look fabulous!

Mardi Wareham (interview) I started the ukulele workshop business because it’s enriched my life in ways I could not imagine and I just want everyone to experience that in their lives. We’re all working so hard. We need to relax and have some fun. That’s where my workshops come in.

Sarah (class participant): We need outlets that allow us to be creative and bond with our coworkers. Everyone wasn’t focused on work. They were focused on having fun and just enjoying each other and learning from Mardi, and that made it really fun.

Mardi Wareham (to workshops participants): So the first thing we’re going to do is learn how to hold this cute little instrument.

Mardi Wareham (interview) During the workshop we learn how to hold the ukulele, how to strum. I teach 3 basic chords — the finger positions — and we play through a few songs together. I break the larger group down into smaller groups or “bands” I call them. Each group goes off and learns a song on its own, which is where the team building comes in. And my workshops help people develop a level of trust very quickly.

Sarah: We rehearsed with our team members, came up with a band name, and got to pretend that we were rockstars for 2 minutes in front of everyone.

Chase (class participant): The people that I worked with I didn’t really know that well when we started. But by the end we were all working together. It felt like it clicked. It was a lot of fun.

If you want your team to really get to know each other and learn how to cooperate, you may be around them every day but you never get a chance to really bond, bring Mardi in and let her do her thing. Because it really does a great job of bringing people together.